The Board Game Facebook Group List!

  • Are you interested in providing feedback to game designers for board games in development?

  • Are you interested to preview Kickstarter pages and provide feedback before campaigns go live?

  • Could you use guidance from other game designers and publishers who once stood in your shoes and faced the impossible challenge of designing a game and getting it published?

Unfortunately for us, we learned about the true power of Facebook groups a little late in the process when designing our debut Kickstarter, Crimes in History: H. H. Holmes' Murder Castle, but have seen immense value from our participation in various Facebook groups. For example, these groups can provide an opportunity to obtain feedback from other designers, fans, and even access to media and retailers! Here's a few examples of how we've been able to participate in these groups:

We wish we would have had visibility to a list of current Facebook board game groups that provided a little information about the group's purpose and that's what we are hoping to help with you today!


Before we get to the list, Van Overbay was kind enough to answer a few questions about Facebook groups.

For anyone considering joining Facebook groups, where is the most value you typically see provided to game designers?

"I think the most value is in sharing your designs, asking for feedback on specific design elements or issues, and most of all participating in giving back to the community by providing input to others. Groups are a place that everyone can help each other to be a better designer.

As someone who administers 3 of these Facebook groups, how can someone new stand out and make an impact to the groups' community?

"Start off simply by participating in the discussions and providing your honest opinion. Be courteous to others though. Constructive criticism is a good thing and can be done without coming across as rude. Give a person a compliment on the good things you see also. When you’re comfortable with posting your own work, jump in and just do it. Groups are a good way to focus-test your concepts, working designs, and artwork. It’s also a great way to get input and feedback from others in the industry."

What makes your groups (Kickstarter Art Direction & Graphic Design, Board Game Art Direction and Graphic Design, and Board Game Design Concepts, Mechanics, and Prototyping) unique?

"Each group focuses on important board game design topics all the way from your initial concept through getting everything ready to publish and/or launch your project on Kickstarter. My groups are created to be a friendly place where folks can feel comfortable about sharing their work, asking for help, and helping others."


The following list of Facebook groups doesn't include the group rules which everyone should familiarize themselves with prior to publishing. Each group has unique rules about posting and are usually described in the about section, in a pinned post, in a rules post that is tagged in the announcements section, and/or as an acknowledgement notice upon signing up with each Facebook group.

Each group name is a direct hyperlink to the Facebook group with a description of the group's purpose below the group name. Enjoy!

Art & Graphic Design for Tabletop Games

This is a place for game designers, artists, graphic designers, and enthusiasts to connect and discuss art, illustration and graphic design in tabletop games.

BG41 (Board Games for One): a group for solo gamers

The focus of this group is to discuss solo games and variants that make other games playable solo (official or fan made). Advertising and promoting related content is fine. Just try to encourage some sort of engagement instead of spamming indiscriminately.

Board Game Art Direction and Graphic Design

This is new group created to be a friendly place for board game art directors and graphic designers to discuss typography, tools of the trade, new designs, advertising and promotion, and other elements related to publishing and producing board games.

Board Game Design Concepts, Mechanics, and Prototyping

This is new group created to be a friendly place for board game designers and board game enthusiasts of all levels to discuss board game design concepts, mechanics and prototyping.

Board Game Design Lab Community

This is a page for members of the BGDL community to make their games better. Ask questions. Get feedback. Make connections. Celebrate wins.

Board Game Exposure

This group is a community of people that have at least board games as a common interest. The group started out as a help group and we have many veterans of KS campaigns that are willing to give advice to creators. Over time the group has evolved and we are now a great group of people from all walks of life, we talk games, we talk life but most of all we hope to be a space where we can have fun and grow together.

Board Game Media Outlets

Our Mission: Help people create better content for the online board game community.

Board Game Revolution Community

Welcome to the most active and engaging board game community on Facebook! This thriving group consists of gamers from all walks of life with a wide variety of gaming styles and preferences. Whether you’re new to the hobby, a casual gamer, or a long-time enthusiast we’re glad to have you.

Board Games Launching on Kickstarter

This is the one stop shop for upcoming board games on Kickstarter.

Card & Board Game Designers Guild

This is a group that welcomes all members of the modern hobby game development industry. Feel free to invite other designers, publishers, and even artists.

Card & Board Game Designers Showcase

Open group for card and board game designers to post images and artwork from their games in development from early concept up to crowd funding/publishing stage. You can post card designs for input, but it's more of an open showcase/exhibit forum. Non-card designers encouraged to join for opportunities for (helpful) opinions or just enjoying a never ending cavalcade of card art! It will also be a group to help promote your game in development.

Designer/Publisher Speed Dating

A group for sharing your tabletop (non-electronic) card or board game with potential publishers in the hobby game industry. A place to for publishers and designers to touch base.

Everything Board Games Community

This is a public group to discuss board and tabletop games.

Game Retailers Who Back Kickstarters

This group serves as a think tank for formatting Kickstarter campaigns to best serve retailers.


Gaminite is a website dedicated to helping game developers connect to users and get all the support they need to take their game from idea inception through to publication

Kickstarter Art Direction & Graphic Design

This is new group created to be a friendly place for board game enthusiasts and graphic designers to discuss and learn about the creation of killer Kickstarter campaign graphics through the use of best design practices. We'll also discuss Kickstarter graphic parameters as well as beta features as they are released.

Rolling Solo Board Game Community

This is an extension of the Rolling Solo YouTube channel and Rolling Solo Facebook Page to allow everyone the ability to freely share and discuss board games as a community in one place.

Tabletop Backer Party

Welcome to Tabletop Backer Party! Creators and backers have joined forces to celebrate crowdfunding tabletop games! Our primary goal is to celebrate diverse and culturally inclusive games, creators, and backers. We believe that when pushing the experimental nature of crowdfunding forward, we only succeed as a community.

Tabletop Game Jobs

A job board for careers in the gaming industry.

Tabletop Game Kickstarter Advice

This group is to help people create and run successful Kickstarter campaigns for Tabletop Hobby Games. We are not a place to ask for support for you campaign. We are a place help you improve your campaign BEFORE you go live.

Tabletop Game Playtesters Guild

This group exists to help game designers and playtesters connect, and to share other play testing-related resources. It is open to all game designers and publishers looking for playtesters as well as anyone interested in playtesting new games.

Tabletop Game Publisher's Guild

This is a group of hobby industry game publishers. The page is meant to be a communications tool for helping each other and for sharing information and help regarding the industry or manufacturers and best practices.

Tabletop Kickstarter Late Backers & Pre-Orders

This group is for Tabletop Kickstarter Pre-Orders / Late Backers. Successful KickStarters which have ended already only and are offering Late Backer or Pre-Order links. This group will not be for live Kickstarters or for retail sales ads.

Tabletop Publisher Announcements

The sole purpose of this group is for publishers to post game announcements or solicitations for specific games.

Because we are newer to the market, this list is not meant to be exhaustive but hopefully a starting point that will save many other designers or indie companies time in locating these groups.

We’d love to hear from you!

  • What are other ways you have participated in these Facebook groups?

  • How will this list help you?

  • Do you participate in other Facebook groups not included in this list?